Chaos Scar

Assassin's Journal 2

Much of the same has been happening for the past few days now. The Burning Elite and the Army of Ikvar’s Keep are still doing battle with one another in Daverign. Our…“informant” proved useful, however, to my knowledge, he is now dead.

We have learned, however, that the sister of the leader of the burning elite is coming. Well, to be more accurate, she has now arrived and has dealt a very hindering blow to us. Via magic, or through some other vile and corrupt source, she has gravely hindered Kale. Whatever pain we inflict upon her, Kale seems to receive part of it. Ingenious, but unwanted. The key seems to be the necklace she wears. When she twisted it, that is when the…bond started.

Before we finished off her cannon fodder, the kniving shrew vanished from our sight, and thusly from the battle. The wounds that Kale received from the link showed up as a faint purple, as Izeal pointed out, and shared a resemblance to the very distracting glowing purple dust we found a few weeks back. What this means, we don’t know, but we intend to find out and put an end to this evil.


Assassin's Journal 1

Today something amazing happened today. Soveliss returned to us today! He as well as ourselves are unsure as to how, but I for one am overjoyed that he is back, because as of late, we have been introduced to more and more turbulent times with the burning elite. While, yes, the addition of Flint was fantastic, I now feel as though our party is complete. Whole.

In Soveliss’ story of where he went, he mentioned something about the unreadable book we stole from the elite. So, it is my assumption that we now need to, once again, find the assassin’s guild to see if they made any headway on making the words visible. If anyone knows about how to turn the INvisible…visible, it’s the guild.

Let’s hope we don’t have anymore destinations we have to get to. I want to be done with this threat so that I may continue searching for clues about Blanche.


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